The Most Unique and Useful Elementor Addon To Date

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I don’t talk much about 3rd-party Elementor addons, but there are quite a few of them these days. Usually when someone asks, which addon should I purchase, I tell them, “get the one you need for your project”. I mean, no matter how many cool widgets an addon comes with, if you don’t need any of those widgets for the site you are building, then why waste your money on buying them? But if you need a specific functionality that Elementor doesn’t provide out of the box, then it’s time to start searching all the various addons to see which one has what you need. With all of them being need-specific, I just don’t see any point in discussing them very often.

There’s one exception to that rule, especially if you are an Elementor Pro user. There’s a 3rd-party addon that gives immediate value to pretty much any Elementor site, so it makes sense to consider grabbing this one without hesitation. That addon is called Dynamic Content for Elementor, or Dynamic for short. (Disclosure: That’s an affiliate link. Google the plugin name if you’d prefer to check it out without letting me get credit for the referral).

What will Dynamic do for you?

Dynamic is, in my opinion, the most powerful, unique set of addon functionality for Elementor that I’ve seen. This isn’t the same old group of widgets with a few styling tweaks. What Dynamic offers is unlike what you’ll find in other addon plugins. I’ll give a few examples, but there is so much more.

The first thing that caught my eye was that Dynamic covers some of the most wanted missing elements of Elementor such as:

  • ACF Repeater Fields!
  • Insanely great Form functionality that turns the already nice Elementor Form widget into a powerhouse Form builder, such as Conditional Fields, Form Steps, Save and Export, Design Email Templates, and more.
  • Create a PDF button
  • SVG Morphing , SVG Blob, SVG Text Path, etc.
  • Panorama
  • 360 degree images
  • Scroll Reveals (lots of sites want this!)
  • Copy/paste across sites
  • And of course, where this addon all began…dynamic visibility to determine when elements are shown (specific user roles, if user is logged in, time-based, etc.

Those are just 11 reasons, but in all, they currently have 53 widgets, 16 extensions, 13 template items, and 1 page setting that comes with the plugin. And honestly, almost none of them are boring, rehashed versions of every other addon out there. In fact, some of them are pretty intense and developer-oriented that allow you to do some personalization with tokens and various other geeky stuff that webdevs will love. I’m not sure how often I’d have a need for some of those things, but it’s nice knowing they are there. The subheading on Dynamic’s site says “Extend Elementor with advanced development tools for web experts” and that’s a pretty good description.

Let’s talk about forms

The form functionality really stands out to me as an excellent feature that would be useful for everyone (or at least all Elementor Pro users, as of course, the form widget is a Pro feature). I’ve already shared some of the functions above, but seriously, this brings Elementor’s already excellent form widget up to speed with all the best features you’ve been wanting and needing. If you check out nothing else, check these features out. form widgets

Repeat after me

If you use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), you’ll be excited that the addon supports repeater fields. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then it doesn’t apply to you, and don’t worry about it. If you know what I mean, you are probably giddy right now.

There’s a lot to discover with this plugin, and frankly, you should probably just browse around the site for a few minutes to see if any of the widgets and extensions have what you need. I’m thinking you’ll see how different this one is to all the other Elementor addons out there.

Unique and Useful, that’s how I’d sum it up

I’ve only scratched the surface by describing a handful of things that jumpstarts my Elementor-loving heart. There’s little point in having me tell you all about everything, when the site itself does a much better job of that, so go check it out to see if anything jumpstarts you.

They have both Annual and Lifetime packages available. Companies usually stop offering Lifetime plans eventually, so whenever you can grab one, it’s a good idea. The fact that they also offer Annual plans means they are prepared to not lose their shirt by only offering one-time-only payments. That’s good. You don’t want to invest in something that will disappear because they didn’t plan for generating enough recurring income to maintain the business.

If this sounds like something that you need, grab this addon now.