The Perfect Pairing: Elementor and Envato Elementor Template Kits

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Elementor template kits

Millions of Elementor fans are going to be really happy to know that Envato just made their lives a lot easier, with their launch of Elementor Template Kits.

That’s right. Envato Elements now has a special category of design assets: Elementor Template Kits. At the moment, there are 218 Template Kits to choose from, but obviously, that number will increase – probably by a lot – over time. As I’m possibly the world’s number one fan of Elementor, this really excites me.

The best thing about templates is that they give you a quick, easy place to start. With one click, a beautiful layout is right in front of you, ready to be edited, manipulated, and styled to fit your particular project.

Donna Cavalier

Unlike downloading themes of the past, where there might be very little you could do to adjust the layout, with Elementor of course, those restrictions don’t exist. A template is merely a starting point, but you can do anything you want with it from there. Delete parts of it, rearrange any of it, swap columns, change sizes, and of course style everything the way you want it to be. You could start from a blank screen, of course, and do all of that as well, but it would take quite a bit longer, and you don’t have the advantage of drawing upon other designer’s ideas and concepts to enhance your own. Template kits are the perfect sweet spot that give you a beautiful jump start to your project.

A little aside: I’m pumped to be able to share this with someone I’ve partnered with on lots of websites. When I first showed her the power of Elementor, and how she no longer needed to find a theme that had a design layout close to what she wanted, she was blown away and excited to use it on all future projects. For one thing, it meant she would no longer be hamstrung by a theme that looks good but had limited ability to customize it. But the one thing she’s been a little bummed about is that she was going to misses the wealth of designs she normally chose from over at Themeforest. She’s going to be super jazzed about Elementor Template Kits. Her happiness level will rise from 98% to 100% and that makes me happy too.

Why Use Envato’s Elementor Template Kits Over Other Templates?

There are other sources of Elementor template designs, of course. In fact, Elementor includes a library of templates with the plugin, and there are numerous 3rd party templates available elsewhere, including some that come with themes. But none of those other template selections pack the punch of a huge ecosystem like Envato, so this is big news. Some of the reasons Envato Elements Template Kits are the best choice for downloading Elementor templates:

  • Elementor is fully in support of this move by Envato. Eran Alon, the VP of Product Marketing at Elementor said, “The adoption of Template Kits is great news for web builders, marketers and business owners looking to build beautiful websites. Kits are customizable, easy to use and offer a broad website design solution for WordPress websites. We are thrilled to see partners like Envato adopt this approach and we look forward to seeing stunning websites that will be created by our community as a result”.
  • Each kit contains all the designs, layouts, images, videos, fonts, and visual elements necessary to quickly create a full website. These aren’t just disparate individual pages. Template Kits are a collection of page templates styled so that they form a completely cohesive look across an entire website. The kits are easily imported with the free template kit import plugin provided by Envato and available on the repository. Once installed, go to Tools > Template Kit, click the Upload Template Kit Zip file area of the screen, and upload the template kit zip file that you’ve downloaded to your computer previously. Now, when you wish to import a template into the Elementor editor, you’ll click the green Envato Elements leaf icon instead of the normal gray folder icon. This will show you the template kits you’ve installed. Choose a kit, select a page template and import into the Elementor editor. Edit, customize, and style as you normally would.
  • Download as many kits as you’d like. You aren’t limited to choosing just one. Your Envato Elements subscription entitles you to everything they offer – every Template Kit, as well as millions of other elements available for you to use. Seriously, millions. Over 50 million assets actually, with unlimited downloads that are covered by a lifetime commercial license. Some of the assets include more than 8400 fonts, 19000 vectors, 19000 video templates, 200000 audio files, 1.1 million photos, 10000 icons, 9700 logos, 84000 motion graphics, courses, email templates, infographics…well you get the idea. So not only do you get Elementor Template Kits, but you get every possible asset you might need to make the templates perfectly aligned with your brand, your idea, and your messaging.
  • Lots of niches are covered, including agency, creative, restaurant, fitness, tech, wedding, and many more. Of course, no matter what niche you’re in, any template can be customized to fit your niche. Yes, a fitness template could just as easily be customized to work perfectly for your nature tours blog, and a wedding template could work well for your freelance design site. Once you change a few photos, any template can transform into any niche design.
  • Designs from the world’s most popular professional designers expands the creative choices available to you, without limiting you to accepting every element of their designs. You can change any of it as needed. It’s the best of both worlds – a choice of designs without limitations, powered by the incredible strength and flexibility of the number one WordPress page builder / site builder in the world – Elementor.
  • And as always, no code needed. Simple drag-and-drop design gives you unlimited freedom to make beautiful sites with the incredible combination of Elementor and Envato’s Elementor Template Kits.

Envato Elements was already an amazing service but with the addition of Elementor Template Kits, it’s now an essential part of any Elementor design specialist’s toolkit. I am not going to use the term “game changer” because you’re probably as sick of that overused phrase as I am. I will say, however, that this is a massive move on Envato’s part, and every Elementor fan’s design game has just been greatly enhanced. Game enhancer? Is that the new hot phrase? Nah, that sucks. Forget catchy marketing phrases. Game on, Elementor fans. Game on.