Small Businesses Need A Web Designer They Can Trust

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trust in business

Since the beginning of this century, I’ve worked with small businesses to help them attain their online goals. Most small businesses either didn’t have a website at all, or they had one that was held hostage by a shady web development company.

My goal was to change that for as many small businesses as possible. My clients are never locked in to my services. They fully own their own domain names and websites, and have complete control over their hosting accounts, as well as any other aspects of their online presence that I create for them. Of course, I’m happy to manage any of the technical aspects, if that’s what my client chooses.

In addition, I take the time necessary to understand each client’s business, because every company has different needs. A website’s goals has to match the company’s needs for that site.

Once I build a site for a client, I train the people within the company who will need to work with the site. Each company has the ability to edit their own content, without having to pay a developer every time a word or price needs changing. That’s important to my clients, so it’s important to me as well.

Of course, I do offer WordPress maintenance services, because some clients would prefer me to take care of those tasks for them. Maintenance is extremely important, especially to keep a site secure. My clients always have a choice to either maintain a site themselves, or to contract me to handle it all for them.

This is a business relationship, and like all relationships, it is built upon trust. I do everything in my power to earn the trust of my clients.

If your small business needs a web presence, I’d be happy to discuss the options with you.

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