Mortimer Monkey

Mortimer Monkey, CEO, has 20+ years of corporate experience. His extensive knowledge of banana sorting and peel processing makes him an international leader in monkey shenanigans.

Monkey’s favorite quote: “Every time we launch a feature, people yell at us.” — Angelo Sotira, co-founder of deviantART

“That reminds me of the time we launched a bunch of bananas from the tops of trees”, recalls Mortimer. “You should have seen all the people shaking their fists and yelling at us. Great fun!”

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Penelope Peacock

Penelope Peacock, Marketing Director, leads a talented and creative team focused on design, branding and other colorful aspects of the business.

A four-time FRED speaker, Ms. Peacock has been named Most Colorful in Fortoone’s 40 Under 40, three years in a row.

Penelope’s favorite quote: “The four most beautiful words in our common language. I told you so.” — Gore Vidal

Danny Dalmatian

As VP of Quality Control, Danny is in charge of a large team of SPOT-checkers. Although Mr. Dalmatian is young and new to the field, his personal history with spots makes him uniquely qualified for the position.

Dalmatian’s favorite quote: “Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.” — Sicilian Proverb

Danny moonlights as a face-licker in a local cafe that specializes in powdered donuts.

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Missy Mare

Missy Mare, CTO, has extensive experience managing IT and online departments across a range of open fields.

Her favorite quote: “Make hay while the sun shines”. — Unknown

In an industry that quickly changes, Ms. Mare doesn’t horse around.

Missy is also the star of the popular Pony Podcast, when she isn’t too hoarse to broadcast.

Lawrence Lion

Lawrence Lion, aka “Lyin’ Larry”, is Senior Legal Counsel for the main branch. He handles the lion’s share of work and takes pride in defending against those who attempt to prey on his company’s achievements.

Lion’s favorite quote: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” — Winston S. Churchill

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Omar Owl

Omar Owl, COO, oversees the company’s entire supply chain, service and support, and the development of products. He has been a member of the prestigious Hoo’s Hoo for 23 years.

A night owl, Omar manages the evening crew, and Mr. Owl heaps praise on the workers he oversees. “No one does a finer job than the night crew. I don’t give a hoot what anyone else says.”

Omar’s favorite bands…”The Who” and “Sheryl Crow”.

Vanessa Vulture

Vanessa Vulture, VP of Personnel, evaluates and advises the planning of new strategies which affect the attraction, motivation, development and retention of the company’s staff.

Her feathers never get ruffled. When confronted by under-staffing, for example, she calls in her highly-trained skeleton crew. 

Vanessa often says in such situations, “Keep Calm and Carrion”.

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Eleanor Eagle

Eleanor Eagle, CFO, oversees all financial functions including budgeting, accounting, financial operations and audits.

“Audits are the key to financial stability,” says Eagle. “It takes eagle-eyed attention to detail to keep the money flowing.”

Eleanor’s favorite songs: “Life in the Fast Lane”, “Take it to the Limit”, and “Lyin’ Eyes”. When asked why, she says, “I Can’t Tell You Why.”

Carl Cat

Carl Cat, Disaster and Catastrophy Manager, handles the resources and programs needed to respond to emergency situations caused by natural disasters and plant accidents.

“I’ve seen it all,” Carl mewsed. “Even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, we still have to keep everyone safe.”

When asked who he would like to be in his 10th life, Carl grinned and said, “Garfield.” When asked why, he said, “I hate Mondays, and I love lasagna.”

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