Portfolio: A Few Websites I’ve Created

This is a directory site that allows businesses to create free directory listings, as well as upgrade to paid listings. Utilizes the MyListing theme and WooCommerce.

This is a site created for a Wedding Officiant business, with a focus on answering the many questions that all wedding couples tend to have. 

This is a site focused on selling hand-crafted art and woodworking. Utilizes WooCommerce.

Another Wedding Officiant website that centers around the many happy and satisfied clients who have rated the service highly.

A site that centers on showing potential students what the school offers and how it will help them find great jobs.

A colorful personal website that is mostly blog-focused. Utilizes some recipe and ratings plugins.

This site has a single focus to help sell a mystery/thriller novel.

This is a simple site aimed at showcasing the work of a Live Wedding Painter. Goal is to drive users to contact the artist.

Super simple one-pager that focuses solely on driving traffic to the sales pages on Amazon to purchase severl children’s picture books.

Yet another Wedding Officiant site. In case you were wondering, I am also a Wedding Officiant, so I know a few other officiants who need websites.

Aargh! This was a fun little pirate-themed site. I enjoyed doing something outside the mainstream for a change. I used some playful motion effects here.