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Making sure business website is

both beautiful and effective...

That's business.

Beautifully Effective

A website needs to not only look good, it needs to work well. A design that meets your business goals to attract and convert users is the primary objective.

Optimized for results

Your site needs to see results. It needs to respond to the demands of both users and search engines. I create sites that are optimized and results-oriented.

Responsive design

The world is changing, and the way our sites are viewed has changed as well. I ensure your site works properly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

  • You're busy doing your job. You aren't a web designer.
  • You probably don't have the time to create a website that looks great and also brings in more business, do you?
  • I take the time to learn more about your business needs, so I can craft a website that enhances your brand and meets your business goals.

Examples of my work

These are examples of a few of the websites I’ve designed for myself and my clients in the recent past. They cover a broad range of business types, niches, and styles. 

As a small business owner myself, I understand that you have many hats to wear. You know you need a great website, but there’s just not enough time in the day to learn how to make that happen. I’ll wear that hat for you, so you can do what you do best.


Hi. My name is Donna Cavalier.

I’ve been helping small businesses create, manage and maintain their WordPress websites since 2004. My clients trust me to design and build attractive, engaging websites for their small and growing businesses. Let’s discuss your needs.

Contact me to discuss your site needs

Every business has different needs. Get in touch so we can determine the best plan of action for your website project.

If you already have a website, and simply need a more modern site that will attract and hold your user’s attention, or you are starting from scratch…we’ll find the right fit for your business goals.

Together, we’ll discuss a strategy for a site that meets your needs and fits within your budget.  Let’s make a positive impact on your customers and your bottom line!

Where Is Cavalier Web Design Located?

I am located in Pierre Part, Louisiana. Of course, my clients have businesses all around the world, and working remotely is a standard practice for web design services.

However, if you are a business in the Southeast Louisiana area, then we’ll be able to meet face-to-face as well. If you’re looking for someone local, I would love to meet with you either at your place of business, or at a local coffee shop, such as PJ’s.

In My Clients' Own Words

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